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MIRACLE SEAL is a water-based suspension of nonclogging particles, anti-corrosion and lubricating additives.

MIRACLE SEAL is developed to make fast emergency repairs to leaking radiators and cooling systems. In case of minor leaks, the repair can be permanent. The soft particles do not clog the radiator and do not influence the action of the mechanic parts of the cooling system.

MIRACLE SEAL can be used in all types of radiators and is compatible with all types of water-based coolants.

MIRACLE SEAL seals leaks in radiators (metal and plastic), small leaks and haircracks in head packings, motor blocks and water coils. Prevents Leaks & Seals Does not clog, Contains anti-corrosion and lubricating additives.


Applications Domestic / Commercial / Industrial:

For sealing leaks in heating, underfloor heating and solar panel systems. Instructions for use: Miracle Seal is for professional use only. For systems over 5 years old it is recommended to flush out the system. It is preferable to be added to the flow pipe leaving the heating system. Shake the bottle of Miracle Seal vigorously for 30 seconds and pour into the system. Due to the variants in property size the amount of product required varies between 1 - 6 bottles. As Miracle Seal is a very concentrated formula only one bottle at a time should be added and then allowed to circulate for 30 minutes before adding the next bottle.